Why Would You Want to Join Our Particular Lotto Team?
  We're serious and have been marketing and building a team in Lotto Magic Since 2005! We have the knowledge & the experience to make YOU (and your team) a complete success on our lotto pool team! Over the years we've created (and refined) a proven team marketing system that has ensured a steady stream of visitors to the team members sites.

Lotto Magic Bob - Lotto Pool Team LeaderOur network of Lotto Magic web sites have one purpose and one purpose only, and that's to send quality targeted traffic to YOUR Lotto Magic main company web site so people join you in your Lotto Magic lotto pool team! We send these visitors to your site through what's called a "URL Rotator". It's a small piece of code on our servers that route the visitors from our various Lotto related web sites (ahem, like this site) to YOUR Lotto Magic marketing site. This site LottoMagic101.net is actually one of many sites in our team network of sites, most of which are listed down below. When anyone joins through this site they are joining a current team member that had joined us earlier. There's even more about this in the "Join Us" section of this web site, but for now I'll cover what we do for you and how we do it.


Our job as your upline sponsors and Team Leaders is to generate the interest, the targeted visitors and ultimately the responses to help you grow your Lotto Magic team. Why? Because the more lotto pool members you have in your lotto pool team the more you can win and the less chance you'll ever leave the team too. Nope, we don't want that since we will earn 10% on your winnings and we sure can't win if you don't win, and you can't win if we don't help you to build YOUR lotto pool team!


How do we generate this free traffic for you and your team?


Lotto Magic lotto pool marketing platformWe market Lotto Magic offline through newspaper display & classified ads. We also advertise and market heavily online through your various Lotto Magic network sites such as: The Lotto Magic Network, Lotto Magic Team, Florida Lotto Magic, League of Gamblers and Team Free Lotto Magic among others (see below). Plus we also get the word out through social media, social network sites, SEO and our large collection of team video's. Once you join our team you receive a free web site from the main Florida Lotto Magic company, but there's much more that we do for you as a team.


After you join the team it's our responsibility as upline leaders to get you set up in the team URL rotator for your free traffic, generate your free mini-marketing site there at Team Free Lotto Magic (see below) and send you a special "insiders" team email to get you started fast growing your team and your home business. Check out some of the stuff we're doing offline and online for you and your lotto pool team through our network of traffic generating web sites, social media sites and blogs. All of it... belongs to you, free.

  Lotto Magic Network: Is the team "core" site. See what we do for you (free) and how we do it.
  Lotto Magic Team: Is a team marketing site that is designed to help you and your team grow.
  Florida Lotto Magic: Receive team project updates, information and news about Lotto Magic.
  Team Free Lotto Magic: Is a free mini marketing site available to everyone on our lotto team.
  Lotto Magic Video's: A cool collection of "your" team video's displayed through a video "wall".
  Team Marketing Blog: Free team marketing information, plus online and social media marketing.
  Team Lotto Magic Newspaper: Have a site? Send it to us, free visibility for team member sites.
Plus there are many other places online where we generate FREE visitors for you!
Facebook: Visit the Lotto Magic Facebook page for events, team news, projects and happenings.
Twitter: To get team news out in short spurts, be sure to follow us for the latest lotto pool info.
Free Business Builder: We generate referrals which creates visitors for all members on the team.
  Blog Spot: Learn about advertising and marketing online through ads and social media.
Doc Stoc: Posting of our various team documents and newsletters about Florida Lotto Magic.
Google Plus: To connect with people throughout the world through social linking circles.
YouTube Channel: Our collection of team video's posted to the Lotto Magic Team channel.
Viral Marketing: Win that Lottery E-Book, Free Random Lottery Number Generating Widgets.
  Daily Motion, Meta Cafe: and Independent Social: For viewers, and for Google search too!
Pinterest: A great way to capture and share favorite image collections with many other people.
  IBO Tube: Similar to YouTube. Free team video's for the search engines and for your free traffic.
Newsletter Marketing: We collect, clean, metatag, title, lock then post these to the Internet.
You will receive a FREE Lotto Magic marketing web site from the company and you also receive a FREE mini Lotto Magic team site from our team. We send traffic to both of your sites from the team "traffic generating" web sites and your free online marketing - yes your traffic and vistors are FREE too! Learn more about Lotto Magic right now from this team member's site, you'll be glad you did.