Florida Lotto Magic Back Office ScreenshotS and information
When you join Florida Lotto Magic, the company gives you for 100% FREE, a fully featured back office suite full of lotto pool and home business management tools. As a Lotto Magic "Player" you can view your lotto pool ticket numbers for any of the 4 lottery ticket pools, check out the latest lottery drawings and even get involved in additional lotto pools if you like. As a Lotto Magic "Captain" you can do everything in your back office that a Player can do, PLUS since you're involved in the business portion of Lotto Magic (optional for all) you also have access to many more free member features to manage, monitor and build your Lotto Magic online home business bigger and better - easily.
Here are some of the more important Lotto Magic back office screen shots complete with explanations. This is only a sampling of what's in your back office, I sure didn't to clog this page with all 27 back office screen shots! You can also view the main company web site to get a better feel for what you'll receive once you join. Did I mention you receive all of this back office training, follow-up and downloads for FREE when you join Lotto Magic? OK, yep I'm sure I already did...
Note: Screen shots are reduced in size for space & appearance purposes, hover over the images to view them actual size.


Learn more about our team lotto pool and what you receive when you join   Lotto Magic Back Office - Getting Started in Your Home Business   Lotto Magic Back Office - Free Team Training Tools   Lotto Magic Back Office - Your Marketing Prospects and Leads Data
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Grab your FREE (no obligation) details about Lotto Magic now. Learn how YOU too can win the Florida, Powerball, Mega Millions and the Mega Money lotteries more often. Click above & go now!
Learn how to build your lotto ticket pool so you and your team win more often, and learn about your new lotto pool home business (if a Captain) fast. Plus you can access your Lotto Magic benefits fast & easy.
View and contact your upline team, learn about company conference calls for training and prospecting. Listen to and download audio's from previous conference calls, market via social media & much more.
View prospect contact information from those that responded to your company co-op and Lotto Magic color postcard mailings. Follow-up on leads that requested the free Lotto Magic information booklet.
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See who has joined your team and learn how they joined you. Co-op postal mailing, full color marketing postcard, booklet request, or did they call in requesting free information and provide your Lotto Magic ID?
View your current and past statements, see YOUR lotto number picks and recent drawing information, set up your contact and commission information. Decide if you want paper statements or electronic.
Learn about your Internet marketing power pack (mini-lead capture sites), participate in team co-op mailings, use pre written follow-up letters and custom forms, download + more.
Learn how to market Lotto Magic online or set up the prospect information you want your lead captures pages to collect. Plus set-up your URL, learn about following-up or about the company banners.